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Reel Earth 11: 5th Sept 4pm Poster

Reel Earth 11: 5th Sept 4pm

Lebensader Angela Steffen :: Germany :: Germany :: 2009 :: 6 mins An awesome animation that takes a spiritual look at the interconnectedness of life. A must see by those in the know. Call of Life Monte Thompson & Chera Van Burg :: USA :: 2008 :: 89 mins A fascinating and informative film on the importance of biological diversity and the devastating consequences of the current, out-of-control extinction rate. Fronted by some of the best-respected names in ecology and environmental science, eg Vitousek, Pimm, Leaky, Ehrlich, Myers, it should be required viewing for anyone with a vested interest in maintaining the diversity of life on Earth – which as the film so convincingly explains, means all of us. Serious, rich and challenging, it rises well beyond many documentaries and explores its subject in commendable depth.

1hr 35mins long