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[Rec] 2

A female reporter accompanies firefighters on a routine call and ends up trapped with them in an apartment building infected with a ferocious virus. Sealed in and desperate, they trace the contagion to the attic, discovering abandoned research on demonic possession. Now, a medical officer and a SWAT team outfitted with video cameras are sent into the sealed-off apartment to control the situation.

1hr 25mins long
R16 Violence, offensive language and horror

Raul Moya Juarez
Pep Molina
Pau Poch
Paco Plaza
Pablo Rosso
Oscar Zafra
Nico Baixas
Martha Carbonell
Manuela Velasco
Juli Fabregas
Jonathan Mellor
Javier Botet
Jaume Balaguero
Ferran Terr