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Radiant City

Something's happening on the edge of town. There's a desperate housewife in the parking lot, a musical chorus line mowing the lawn - and a loaded gun in the upstairs closet. Welcome to Radiant City. Gary Burns, Canada's king of surreal comedy, joins forces with journalist Jim Brown to craft a vivid account of The Late Suburban Age. Sprawl is eating the planet. Politicians call it growth. Developers call it business. The Moss family call it home. While Evan Moss zones out in commuter traffic, Ann boils over in her dream kitchen and the kids play sinister games amid the fresh foundations of monster houses. Turning the documentary genre inside out, Burns and Brown rummage through a toybox of cultural references -from Jane Jacobs to The Sopranos - to consider what happens when cities get sick and mutate. Cinematographer Patrick McLaughlin evokes an eerie dystopian monoculture while the soundtrack features songs from Joey Santiago of The Pixies. Radiant City. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

1hr 33mins long

Mikeala Jeffrey
Kyle Grant
Jim Brown
James Howard Kunstler
Hong Cheng
Gary Burns
Daniel Jeffery
Amanda Guenther