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RIP A Remix Manifesto Poster

RIP A Remix Manifesto

Brett Gaylor has made an adoring love letter to his favourite recording artist Girl Talk (Greg Gillis), but also raises some fascinating questions about sampling culture and copyright laws. Audio bricoleur Gillis is a fearless musical magpie, with a whizz-bang knack for snatching the best snippets of the daggiest songs (think Gloria Estefan, Journey and Whitesnake) and recontextualising them into sparkling new tracks to create a bastard pop known as mashup. While these spunky sound collages are thrillingly inventive, copyright laws determine that tracks made from pilfered works (Gillis crams uncleared samples from 21 songs into a three-minute track) are utterly illegal.

1hr 26mins long

Lawrence Lessig
Girl Talk
Gilberto Gil
Cory Doctorow
Brett Gaylor