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Queen To Play

In a small Corsican village, the days of Helene's life follow one after the other, all of them the same. This unassuming, quiet woman works as a housemaid in a hotel and seems happy with her husband, Ange, and their fifteen-year-old daughter, Lisa. Everything changes the day she comes across a young, very attractive American couple playing chess. Initially intrigued, then completely obsessed by the game, Helene obstinately puts all her energies into mastering the rules of chess to a level of excellence. She can count on the assistance of Doctor Kroge , a mysterious inhabitant of the village. But this positive metamorphosis toward a new freedom has a profound impact on Helene's relationships with her family and friends.

1hr 37mins long
M Contains Sex Scenes

Valerie Lagrange
Sandrine Bonnaire
Laurence Colussi
Kevin Kline
Jennifer Beals
Francis Renaud
Elisabeth Vitali
Dominic Gould
Didier Ferrari
Daniel Martin
Caroline Bottaro
Alice Pol