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Everyone knows someone like Liz. She’s quick with a lie. Nothing is ever her fault. What’s yours is hers; doesn’t matter if it’s your necklace or your husband. For most people these personal traits would spell disaster but when her sister kicks her out and Liz is ‘rescued’ from the streets by Aiden, a delusional tow-truck driver, she’s equipped with the kind of quick wit and survival skills to get inside his head. Just as well as because he’s convinced she’s his runaway wife, and he’s intent on making sure she doesn’t leave him again. How far will Liz go with his fantasy? Pretty far. But the line between fantasy and love can be confusing … even for Liz.

1hr 40mins long
R16 Contains offensive language,sexual themes and content that may disturb.

Zac Richmond
Terry Donovan
Teague Rook
Susan Ellis
Sally Bull
Richie Akers
Peter Barron
Nadia Townsend
Kieran Galvin
Gregory Bell
Deniz Akdeniz
Brenda Palmer
Bernard Curry
Andy McPhee