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Puccini And The Girl

"ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL (NZ) 2010" In 1908, while Puccini (played here by orchestra conductor Riccardo J. Moretti) is engrossed with the composition of his opera 'The Girl of the Golden West', sexual intrigue swirls around him. When maid Doria (Tania Squillario) witnesses Puccini's stepdaughter Fosca (Debora Mattiello) in flagrante, Fosca seeks to discredit the maid, and tells her mother Elvira (Giovanna Daddi) – herself a philanderer - that Puccini is having an affair with Doria. But instead, the maestro is seeing Doria's cousin, Giulia (Federica Chezzi).

1hr 18mins long
M contains sex scenes

Tania Squillaro
Riccardo Moretti
Giovanna Daddi
Federica Chezzi
Dario Marconcini