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Princess Of Rome

It is 867.. The years seem to be alike, as well people were accustomed to their living in Byzantium. Markets were crowded by sellers and buyers. Gaurd were bent at the city wall, and its notables have been delivering news of the parish for Tsar. Whereas his messengers were delivring the urgent news about muslims movements, which was a bugbear for him, since the peace and calm that Byzantium have been blessed with centuries ago was being threatened and able to be vanished. Nevertheless, in Byzantium, children were working, and priest was desperate of the city and people way of living, so he had preached them and promised them with salvation after recitating the verses of Gospel. And by the scenary, an old lady waiting the promised day.

1hr 15mins long
PG Violence

Rana Al-Rifaei
Omar Al-Shammaa
Jomanah Al-Thenji