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Jean, a shy waiter working in a grand hotel, is mistaken for a young millionaire by beautiful, scheming adventuress Irene. When she discovers his lwly status, Irene beats a quick retreat. But lovestruct Jean has no intention of letting her escape, and pursues her to the Cote d'Azur. Quickly running out of money, he adopts his beloved's lifestyle, setting himself up as a gigolo and moving in to a magnificent luxury hotel. Irene at last accepts this new Jean. She starts to give him advice, she grows closer and closer to him, not realizing that love is working its subtle magic on her too.

1hr 44mins long
M Contains low level offensive language

Vernon Dobtcheff
Pierre Salvadori
Marie-Christine Adam
Jacques Spiesser
Gad Elmaleh
Audrey Tautou