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Presumed Guilty

The most stunning and tentacular miscarriage of French justice in modern times – the 'Outreau affair' – is soberly and skillfully portrayed as the horror story it is in Presumed Guilty. Philippe Torreton's central performance (he's in nearly every frame) as Alain Marecaux, a respected legal professional, husband and father whose life is shattered overnight by flawed and flimsy accusations of child rape is a draining but riveting tour-de-force… Even the most casual student of how the French and Anglo-Saxon legal systems differ will be drawn into this unsettling entry in the 'wrong man' genre.

1hr 42mins long
R16 Contains sexual themes and content that may disturb

Sarah Lecarpentier
Raphael Ferret
Philippe Torreton
Olivier Claverie
Noemie Lvovsky
Michele Goddet
Jean-Pierre Bagot
Farida Ouchani