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Policeman Poster


In this Israeli drama the leader of an elite anti-terrorist unit clashes with a group of young radicals. Writer/director Nadav Lapid uses violence between Israelis as a means to explore different sorts of tribalism, including the camaraderei amongst both police officers and gun-toting youths plotting class warfare. Policeman divides its attention between both sides of the law, initially focusing on machismo-filled alpha male Yaron. The best of a highly-trained bunch of Jerusalem cops, Yaron has a beautiful wife and a baby on the way, which only serves to fuel his narcissicism. Meanwhile, Shira schemes to use terrorism to overthrow what she perceives as a violent racist state controlled by the rich - from the cosy confines of her wealthy mother`s apartment.

1hr 45mins long

Yiftach Klein
Shaul Mizrahi
Nadav Lapid
Michael Moshonov
Michael Aloni
Meital Barda
Gal Hoyberger
Ben Adam