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Poker King

Randy is the heir to a major casino business, but has never been interested to inherit the gaming empire after his father's death. While Uno has been helping to run the business, he has every intention for Randy to take over the business empire. Randy is obsessed with online gaming of Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Uno takes the opportunity to put Randy in a real tournament. Randy is put through some hardship before he learns the art of the game. Along the way, Randy falls in love with Smiley, a girl who has a winning streak at the casino. Meanwhile, Uno starts a relationship with rival casino owner Ms Fong. At the end of the championship match, the two top players – Randy and Uno face off against each other. As the last hand of cards is dealt to the two players, who is going to be the Poker King?

2hrs 2mins long
PG Contains low level violence

You-Nam Wong
Tung Cho Joe Cheung
Suet Lam
Stephy Tang
Siu-Fai Cheung
Louis Koo
Josie Ho
Jo Kuk
Janet Chun
Jacky Heung
Hing-Ka Chan
Ching Wan Lau
Cherrie Ying