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Pickn Mix

A special selection, full of surprise and delight, with amazing animation and famous directors. Kigo - visualizing Japanese Haiku poems, featuring the seasons and admiration for the fleeting beauty. A Documentary Film a father, whose adult children live their own lives far away from him. Double A shadow follows an old man home pretending to be his twin brother. Luke And Lotta Cone-girl Lotta and pear-boy Luke go on a date. Birth Of A Nation Minimalistic animation presenting the birth and fall of a nation. Ab Ovo the creation of life, in plaster animation Two Men with a Wardrobe (Polanski) Two young men emerge from the sea carrying a wardrobe and walk with it across the city. Little Hamlet. (Skolimowski) There is drama if somebody hesitates, and has his hands in politics, and when love disturbs him The Egg Two children left alone at home. Concert of Requests (Kieslowski) A conflict between an organized trip participants and a couple of motorcyclists.

1hr 40mins long