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Piano Solo

A tragic event immediately takes its toll on young Luca (Kim Rossi Stuart, 'Along the Ridge' & 'The Keys to the House') when he sees his mother perish in a car accident on a road in Africa. The boy's obsessive feeling of guilt for the terrible loss, as inexplicable as it is unfounded, plants the seed of a torment that will pursue the fragile musician for the rest of his life. Reconsructing the life of one of the brightest musical talents to emerge in Italy in the past few decades, 'Piano Solo' follows Luca from his boyhood in Africa to his years playing with such greats such as Chet Baker & Dave Holland. But sadly, as the young pianist develops his prodigious, spellbinding talent at music school in Florence and discovers jazz, his loved ones watch helplessly as he retreats further and further into his personal darkness.

1hr 44mins long
M Contains offensive language and content that may disturb

Sandra Ceccarelli
Roberto De Francesco
Riccardo Milani
Paola Cortellesi
Michele Placido
Mariella Valentini
Konrad Podolny
Kim Rossi Stuart
Jasmine Trinca
Corso Salani
Claudio Gioe
Alba Rohr