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Paths In The Night

Fifty-five-year-old Walter suddenly finds himself out of a job. Despite the support of his wife, the former manager struggles to come to terms with the sudden end of his career. Desperate to regain a sense of purpose, he roams the streets at night, trying to do "good" for his fellow citizens. His vigilantism takes a dangerous turn when he strikes up a friendship with an antisocial young couple, but society doesn't need his brand of law and order. In a last-ditch attempt to prove himself, Walter decides to steal a necklace for his wife. "Paths in the Night" is a powerful and poetic portrayal of urban alienation, depicting the impotence and frustration felt by many of the older East German generation affected by the collapse of the GDR. Shot in black and white, the film recalls German cinema of the 1970s, but the images and themes are rooted in contemporary Berlin. Much praised for the performances of its two leads, the film stands out for its distinctive style and dry humour.

1hr 38mins long
M Violence

Siegfried Effenberger
Sebastian Butz
Roman Leitner
Pauline Klein
Misel Maticevic
Ingeborg Westphal
Hilmar Thate
Henriette Heinze
Eckhard Bilz
Dirk Borchardt
Dave Guttler
Daniela Hoffmann