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Out of Tune

Rio was on the verge of being discovered as a hotbed for a cool new jazz form: Bossa Nova. A group of friends who come of age during the political turmoil that plagued Brazil during the 1960s and 70s, form the band Os Desafinados and become a defining part of the groundbreaking Brazilian musical movement. Inspired by real musicians of the Bossa Nova era, director Walter Lima weaves the band’s fictional story into some of the events of the period. Out of Tune (also the name of a famous song by Tom Jobim, composer of The Girl from Ipanema) is a story about the birth of Bossa Nova and the experiences and transformations in the lives of these passionate, creative, and idealistic artists

2hrs 18mins long
M Violence,offensive language and sex scenes

Selton Mello
Rodrigo Santoro
Cláudia Abreu