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New Zealanders have a strong sense of identity bound up in the land. Our place is who we are. When we are uprooted or disconnected, we start to lose our anchor. These films explore our deep connection to our home place, our turangawaewae, and what happens when we lose our grip on it. HOME Documentary, 11 mins, NZ Follow the journey of a house as it is moved across some of the most spectacular and challenging landscapes in New Zealand. Dir: Thomas Gleeson. Prod: Pip Walls. BLIND MICE Drama, 15 mins, NZ A young woman is looking for a way out of the Auckland drug scene. Dir/Writer: Walter Lawry. Prod: University of Auckland. MOREPORK Drama, 13 mins, NZ Retired resident Mr Wiseman is startled by an unexpected visitor. Dir: Miles Murphy. Prod: Tanya Haitoua-Cathro. Writer: Sara Wiseman. HERE NOW Drama, 13 mins, NZ, AUS Something pierces the boredom and unconscious dailiness of life for a young woman working in a dress shop. ‘Here Now’ explores the dilemma of the drifter. Tess and her friends have no problems, but are they really living? Dir/Writer: Chelsie Preston Crayford. Prod: Chelsie Preston Crayford, Sylvia Varnham O’Regan. DANGEROUS RIDE Drama, 15 mins, NZ Jed Brophy and Rose McIver star in this high-stakes drama about a sex offender in rehabilitation and a young women, which turns all our expectations on their heads. Dir/Writer: Linda Niccol. Prod: Glenis Giles. FRIDAY TIGERS Drama, 16 mins, NZ In Aidee Walker’s award-winning film we meet a mother tiger protecting her daughter with a secret fantasy world, as she strives to achieve the brighter future she so deserves. Dir/Writer: Aidee Walker. Prod: Julia Parnell

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