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Orchestra Seats

Catherine, hugely popular (and wealthy) from her long-running television soap opera, longs for glory on the big screen. She prepares to star in a Feydeau farce about to open on th 17th, but despite all her success she wonders if her work has any value or meaning. Jean-Fran?ois, piano prodigy with an international reputation, is preparing for a major Beethoven recital on the 17th, yet he basically just wants to be alone. Jacques, a businessman turned art connoisseur, has amassed an extraordinary, highly personal art collection, but on the 17th it will all be sold off. Catherine, Jean-Francois and Jacques have all devoted their lives to art, yet what kinds of lives has art given them? They sometimes cross paths and nurse their neuroses at a cafe where they are waited on by Jessica, recently arrived in Paris on her own quest for fame and fortune. Also known as "Fauteuils d'orchestre."

1hr 50mins long
M Contains low level offensive language

Valerie Lemercier
Daniele Thompson
Cecile de France
Albert Dupontel