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Operation 8 Deep in the Forest Poster

Operation 8 Deep in the Forest

On October 15 2007, activists around New Zealand woke to guns in their faces. Black-clad police smashed down doors, dragging families out onto roads and detaining some without food or water. In the village of Rūātoki, helicopters hovered while locals were stopped at roadblocks. Operation 8 involved 18 months of invasive surveillance of Māori sovereignty and peace activists accused of attending terrorist training camps in the Urewera ranges – homeland of the TÅ«hoe people. Operation 8 asks how and why the raids took place. How did the War on Terror become a global witch-hunt of political dissenters, reaching even to the South Pacific?

1hr 50mins long

Valerie Morse
Urs Signer
Tuhoe Lambert
Te Weeti Tihi
Tame Iti
Tamati Kruger
Ross Meurant
Paul Buchanan
Moko Hillman
Moana Winitana
Moana Jackson
Maraki Teepa
John Minto
Jeff Sluka
Jane K