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One Water

Water: essential for life; yet, too often, the bearer of death. We're inextricably bound to it. How far will a few cups of water go? When one sees a man harvesting a block of ice from a high glacier and carrying it on a donkey and his own back to a town many kilometres distant to sell, or sees a woman prepare chapatis, wash her child and a blouse, and use the little that's left to water a spindly tree, one realises we in Aotearoa have virtually no concept of how valuable water is for much of the world's population. And when something is that valuable, someone will try to profit from it. One Water shows us the true value of water; how it is becoming increasingly polluted and increasingly scarce (and therefore increasing in value); and how water is increasingly being turned into a commercial commodity. Listen to arguments for and against the privatisation of water, from people like the World Bank's Claudia Sadoff, Chair and CEO of the World Water and Power Corporation, Quentin Kelly, President of the Waterkeeper Alliance, Robert Kennedy Jr, co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, Maude Barlow, and others; then think of the implications. Powerfully filmed and at times poetic in its presentation, One Water discusses one of our most precious and influential resources. You might never take it for granted again.

1hr 8mins long

Sanjeev Chatterjee