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One More Win

Set in Auckland New Zealand and Lautoka Fiji, "One More Win" follows the Cook Island Rugby team’s (ranked 46) 2014 bid to qualify for the Rugby World Cup 2015. It follows the team on and off the field as they strive to beat Fiji (ranked 11). World Rugby has written the Cooks off and the game is not even mentioned as a fixture on Fiji’s official calendar. But this campaign, the team has one goal in mind, to be taken seriously. The team arrives in camp and consists of just 3 professional players and 22 club rugby players and a manager who hates to lose. They train for just two weeks and cobble together equipment and resources to make the campaign happen, including taking sample products from friends and energy drinks from the boot of a mates car. They will give their time for free and pin their hopes on victory against a team of professionals and the might and funding of professional rugby. With many of the players disconnected from their roots, they will be embraced by a community who believe that even though they are a tiny nation, like David, they can take on a giant and win. One More Win is the story of a team’s history making tour, to reconnect with their island and dare to dream and be counted as equals.

1hr 28mins long
M Offensive language