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One Day More

Massimo Venier’s enthralling romcom is based on a bestselling novel by lead actor Fabio Volo (‘Weddings and Other Disasters’), and tells the tale of a thirty-something man falling for a confirmed bachelorette who has her sights set on moving to New York. Giacomo is 40 years old, has had many girlfriends and does not intend to marry. His mother, friends and colleagues all try to talk sense into him, describing the joys of marriage and fatherhood, but their stories fail to convince him. Every morning on the tram, however, he is unable to take his eyes off an intriguing woman. One day, after many exchanged glances, she invites him to dinner, only to tell him that she is leaving for New York in a few days and leaving Giacomo with a difficult decision to make.

1hr 47mins long
M Contains sex scenes and offensive language

Roberto Citran
Pietro Ragusa
Massimo Venier
Isabella Ragonese
Fabio Volo
Camilla Filippi