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Early one morning, in April, 2002, a middle-aged father of three from Michigan suddenly awoke from a sound sleep, overcome by a strange compulsion... to make a movie. What made this so strange, is that he was not a film-maker. In fact, he had no training, education or experience whatsoever in the field. So, he immediately called his cousin and best friend to enlist their help with the project. They eagerly agreed. No experience, no connections, no script, no equipment, no budget... no problem! In an increasingly divided world... the power of Oneness is longing to emerge; and it is an energy that the novice film-makers knew would transcend any limitations of those who took-up the cause. Incredibly, over the next 2 years they were able to gain access to and interview many of leading figures on the world stage of spiritual thought. Renowned authors, religious leaders, celebrities, scholars, and icons opened their doors to the Circle of Bliss team; lending their voices and sharing their wisdom in the cause of One.


Ward M. Powers
Scott Carter
Diane Powers