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Ocean Film Festival 2016 Poster

Ocean Film Festival 2016

More than two hours of sublime footage above and below the water, showing the beauty and power of the ocean and celebrating the divers, surfers, sailors, paddlers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea. Awe-inspiring underwater scenes and fast-paced wave sequences that have been captured from unbelievable vantage points. Mesmerising images of schooling fish, colourful coral gardens and jellyfish blooms, with up-close footage of curious marine creatures such as seals, dolphins, turtles and whales. Alaskan Aleutian chain of islands with two adventurous kayakers , a wild ride with the world’s most courageous surfers and windsurfers, tropical waters of the Bay of Bengal and remote Indonesian islands . Dive headfirst into the world of underwater cinematographers Michele and Howard Hall, as the celebrate the return of the majestic humpback whales to Hawaiian waters and experience the restorative powers of the ocean and its impact on an orphan in Mexico. Tickets at

1hr 40mins long