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OSS 117 - Lost In Rio Poster

OSS 117 - Lost In Rio

Twelve years after his adventures in Cairo (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies), OSS 117 is back for another mission at the end of the world. Sent on the trail of a microfilm that could compromise the French government, France's most famous secret agent must team up with the Mossad's most attractive female lieutenant-colonel to capture a Nazi blackmailer. From Rio's sunbaked beaches to the luxuriant Amazonian forests, it's a new adventure that begins. No matter the dangers, no matter the challenges or risks, we can always count on Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath to come through unscathed.

1hr 41mins long
M Contains violence,offensive language and nudity.

Serge Hazanavicius
Rudiger Vogler
Reem Kherici
Pierre Bellemare
Michel Hazanavicius
Louise Monot
Laurent Capelluto
Ken Samuels
Jean Dujardin
Alex Lutz