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November Child Poster

November Child

Malchow, East Germany, 1980. Twenty-year-old Anne is hiding Juri, a Red Army deserter. With Juri facing a death sentence, he and Anne flee to the West, leaving Anne's baby daughter Inga in the care of her grandparents. Inga grows up believing that her mother is dead. Twenty-five years later, she is contacted by Robert, a professor of literature from the former West German town of Konstanz. Beginning to question her past, Inga sets out to learn the truth. As she and Robert embark on a road trip, his hidden motives begin to emerge.

1hr 35mins long
M Nudity

Yevgeni Sitokhin
Ulrich Matthes
Thorsten Merten
Steffi Kuhnert
Nicole Ernst
Luise Lunow
Juliane Kohler
Jannik Werner
Ilja Pletner
Hermann Beyer
Elena Duppler
Christine Schorn
Christina Dre