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Deserving winner of the Montreal Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize, Noodle is a touching film in the same vein as Kolya. Mira is an air hostess, twice widowed by Israel's on-going war with Palestine. She lives with her sister, Gila, who has marital difficulties of her own. Mira gets off a flight and returns home, only to be begged by the Chinese housekeeper to watch her son while she runs an urgent errand. The housekeeper never returns, leaving Mira, Gila and their friends to contend with a little Chinese boy who they cannot communicate with. The film develops the relationship between Mira and "Noodle" slowly and naturally, showing how the little boy grows from being a small alien, to a real and important center to her family. Bonded by Noodle and the task of re-uniting him with his probably deported mother, Mira and those around her, all find their life changed for the better by being involved with the little boy. The audacious plan Mira comes up with is both thrilling and engaging, involving the entire cast of characters. Beautifully acted, and sensitively directed, this is an heartwarming, beautiful little film that celebrates the goodness in human nature, rather than examining the darkness, which is generally the case.

1hr 40mins long
PG Contains low level offensive language

Sinaya Ben-Dor
Mili Alvital
BaoQi Chen
Alon Abutbul