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Melbourne filmmaker Matthew Saville utilises the framework of police drama with devastating effect in his disturbing account of urban fear and isolation. By avoiding �quirk�, to create a realistic portrayal of city life, Noise marks a significant shift in Australian cinema. It opens shortly after a killer has run amok on a commuter train; one terrified woman is helping police with their investigation, another is found dead in a ditch. A police caravan is set up to field enquiries and is staffed by an officer (Brendan Cowell) whose tinnitus becomes a dominant motif in the film. The vehicle soon becomes a beacon for ill-assorted characters as several threads converge, giving Saville a broad canvas on which to explore assumption and reality. His compelling use of atmospheric lighting and � above all � an eerie and �hyper� soundscape cements the deal. �Interpret the film as an allegory or a metaphor, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. It�s a sublimely harrowing cop movie and a powerful psychological thriller that refuses to succumb to conventional definitions.� � Luke Buckmaster, In Film

1hr 48mins long
R16 Contains violence, offensive language, drug use

Nicholas Bell
Matthew Saville
Maia Thomas
Katie Wall
Henry Nixon
Fiona MacLeod
Brendan Cowell