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Nina's Journey

The true story of Nina Einhorn's life from her childhood in 1930's Poland to her death in Sweden. Painfully strong, it is the remarkable story of the young Nina and her family's survival through both the Jewish and the Polish uprising. The story of Nina's journey focuses on eight years, from 1937 to 1945. It starts in her family's apartment in Lodz, where she and her mother are getting ready to embark on a trip to America. It ends when she returns to the very same apartment, eight years later - from Warsaw. In February 1940, they gambled on a trip from Lodz to Warsaw - in the hopes of escaping the ghetto of Lodz. Instead they ended up in the Warsaw ghetto, a fate much worse. Almost none survived the Warsaw ghetto.

2hrs 5mins long
M Contains content that may disturb

Pawel Iwanicki
Maria Chwalibog
Lena Einhorn
Andrzej Brzeski
Agnieszka Grochowska