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Nga Whanaunga Maori Pasifika Shorts 2015 Poster

Nga Whanaunga Maori Pasifika Shorts 2015

A collection of M?ori and Pasifika short films curated by Leo Koziol (Ng?ti Kahungunu, Ng?ti Rakaipaaka), Director of the Wairoa M?ori Film Festival, with guest co-curator Craig Fasi (Niue), Director of the Pollywood Film Festival. This year’s expression of ‘Ng? Whanaunga’ – which means relatedness and connectedness between peoples – is realised with films from Aotearoa, Hawaii, Samoa and Tuvalu. Native noir, cultural comedy and deep drama combine in an expression of ‘Hawaiiki H?u’ – Voices of a New Hawaiiki. Curators’ comments on each film appear in italics.

1hr 34mins long
R16 Content that may offend, offensive language, sex scenes, violence

Various Directors
Various Actors