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New Zealand`s Best 2013 Poster

New Zealand`s Best 2013

I’m Going to Mum’s NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Lauren Jackson Producers: Jeremy Macey, Andrew Cochrane Festivals: Berlin, San Francisco 2013. 13 mins Torn between his separated Mum’s and Dad’s, what’s a kid going to wear? Truly original. It builds from a simple, charming and wryly funny premise to become unexpectedly powerful. Interim NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Dan Kircher Producer: Roimata Magregor. 15 mins Beautifully shot and constructed, this oblique, subjective memory piece gets inside the mind of a rookie cop. Tom’s Dairy NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Oscar Kightley Producer: Elizabeth Mitchell. 13 mins 1981. A summertime day in the life of a Samoan kid in West Auckland touches on wider conflict and grief. A simple story perfectly told. Blind Mice NZ 2013. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Walter Lawry. 15 mins A young woman gets caught between two men. This is very assured filmmaking. Anchored by three vivid performances, we`re thrown into an ambiguous triangle that has more going on than meets the eye. Here Now NZ 2013. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Chelsie Preston Crayford. 14 mins Perfectly calibrated and true, something pierces the boredom and unconscious dailiness of life for a young woman working in a dress shop. Friday Tigers (Ng? Taika o te R?mere) NZ 2013. Director/Screenplay: Aidee Walker Producer: Julia Parnell. 16 mins When a single mother creates a fantasy world for her three-year-old daughter, is there room for anyone else? Balances real world domestic/romantic turbulence with the gentlest kind of fabulism.

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