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Netherwood Poster


Stanley Harris, a drifter and outsider enters the small country district of Netherwood and unwittingly inherits a prime piece of land coveted by Duncan Moore, a local wealthy landowner. Duncan wants the land at any cost and with the help of his thuggish under achieving son Mex tries to drive Stan away. But for the first time in his life Stan has something worth fighting for and he is not going to give it up easily. The appearance of the beautiful and mysterious Maria into this masculine environment raises the stakes even higher. As we hurtle toward the final thrilling climax the true nature of the conflict is revealed: this is not about the land, this is a primal battle between men for power and dominance.

1hr 29mins long
R16 Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes

Xavier Horan
Will Hall
Owen Black
Mick Innes