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My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill Poster

My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill

In a small provincial town in France in the 1970s, Jean has just started school. When the teacher asks each child to talk about their parents’ work, Jean, realising that he is not like the other kids, invents an answer: “My mom, she’s a secretary.” In fact, his mom is always away on trips and she sends postcards to Miche?le, the little next-door neighbour who reads them to Jean, which sets him dreaming. But reality is something else entirely, which is what Jean slowly begins to understand in the months leading up to Christmas… My Mommy is in America is based on the award winning graphic novel by artists Jean Regnaud and Emile Bravo. The film subtly tells in naturalistically rendered graphics of mourning and growing up. But poetry and humour prevail in this very accessible animation that shows the power of imagination that helps one to come to terms with the harsher aspects of reality.

1hr 12mins long

Tom Trouffier
Thibaut Chatel
Théo Benhamour
Marc Lavoine
Marc Boréal
Julie Depardieu
Alice Orsat