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A new generation is laying claim to short films, and we are encouraging it. YouTube babies. Digital natives. Generation Y. This collection of short films is for children of all ages. Tales of enchantment, everyday problems and imaginary wonders that everyone can relate to. A CAUTIONARY TAIL Animation, 14 mins, AUS, NZ Premiere Cate Blanchett and David Wenham voice this award-winning animation about a little girl born with a tail that expresses her emotions. Dir: Simon Rippingale. Prod: Pauline Piper. Writer: Erica Harrison. COLOURED Comedy, 9 mins, NZ When the coloured kids feel blue, Bob, an orangeskinned medical officer, invents the coloured plaster. Simon, his non-coloured colleague, sees red as Bob’s newfound calling conflicts with workplace routines. Dir/Writer: Troy Blackman. Prod: Leah McVeagh. THE EDUCATION OF MING MING Documentary, 13 mins, NZ ‘The Education of Ming Ming’ is a comedy about an eight-year-old girl with an incredibly busy daily schedule intended to help her achieve a ‘bright bright future’. Dir/Writer: Beyond Wen. Prod: Alex Lee. WHAKATIKI Drama, 13 mins, NZ On a day trip to the Whakatiki River where she spent many summers as a girl, Kiri’s powerful memories remind her of her spiritual connection to the river and help her reconnect with her true self. Dir: Louise Leitch. Prod: Melissa Dodds, Bernadette Murphy. Writer: Bernadette Murphy. STRUM, STRUM Drama, 18 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere A young Kiwi musician on his OE struggles to make new friends. He discovers that music is a powerful tool when connecting with others. Dir/Writer/Prod: Paul Wong. THE PRESENT Comedy, 11 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere A workaholic banker makes a surprise leap into the imaginary world of a nine-year-old girl to help her fight an epic battle. Dir: Thomas Robins. Prod: Jeremy Macey. Writer: Sarah Boddy. I’M GOING TO MUM’S Comedy, 12 mins, NZ When the divorced parents of Jacob, 8, insist on dressing him in ridiculous clothes to spite each other, he resorts to desperate fashion measures to assert his identity. Dir/Writer: Lauren Jackson. Prod: Andrew Cochrane, Jeremy Macey.

1hr 30mins long

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