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My Big Night

The backstage preparations for a New Year’s Eve TV spectacular become a flashpoint for comic mayhem, in this audaciously inventive ensemble comedy from Álex de la Iglesia (Witching & Bitching, Closing Night SFF14). My Big Night offers all-access to a TV variety show so full of hitches and snags, its cavalcade of superstars will be lucky if they survive the taping. Pop sensation Adán (Mario Casas, Unit 7, SFF12) is duped by a fanatical groupie, while legendary divo Alphonso (Raphael) is stalked by an unstable wannabe. On stage, the hostility is barely concealed between presenters and former lovers Roberto (Hugo Silva, Shrew’s Nest, SFF15) and Cristina (Carolina Bang). Amongst the extras, loveable José is hitting it off with the gorgeous but jinxed Paloma. Meanwhile, outside the studio, there is bedlam as riot police clash with demonstrators. Chaos, snappy dialogue, wicked farce and eccentricities abound; all skilfully controlled by the committed all-star cast and madcap orchestrations of this maestro director.

1hr 40mins long

Santiago Segura
Pepón Nieto
Hugo Silva
Carolina Bang
Álex de la Iglesia