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My Best Friend

From one of France's most prolific directors comes this lovable French comedy in the vein of The Dinner Game. Mixing social commentary with black humour, My Best Friend is set to be one of France's biggest films this year. Francois is a dealer in antiques, a man completely immersed in his trade. On the occasion of his birthday, his associate Catherine candidly informs him that he has no friends. The other guests agree: Francois' passion is confined to the objects he buys and sells; he cannot connect emotionally. Stunned by this revelation Francois proposes a wager with Catherine - he will produce his best friend by the end of the week or give up his prized antique vase.

1hr 35mins long
M Contains low level offensive language

Patrice Leconte
Julie Gayet
Dany Boon
Daniel Auteuil