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A first-rate adventure film about two teenage Arkansas boys – Ellis, who lives on a houseboat with his warring parents, and Neckbone, who is being raised carelessly in a trailer by his scapegrace uncle. They escape at dawn, hit the river, and discover a fugitive, Mud (Matthew McConaughey), living on an island in the Mississippi. Mud has long been in love with a white-trash goddess, Juniper (Reese Witherspoon), and the two cast-adrift boys, stirred by his situation and by their own need to know that love can last, struggle to get them back together… The writer and director, Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter), brings to the film [something a lot like Mark] Twain’s understanding of a boy’s best qualities – a love of adventure, instinctive loyalty, and generous chivalry.

2hrs 10mins long
M Contains violence, sexual references

Tye Sheridan
Sarah Paulson
Sam Shepard
Reese Witherspoon
Matthew McConaughey
Jeff Nichols
Jacob Lofland