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Mr and Mrs Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics! Poster

Mr and Mrs Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics!

Magic, mind manipulation and misdirection -‘Mr and Mrs Alexander’ tour 21 May - 2 July Do Mr and Mrs Alexander have strange abilities or are they con artists? That’s the question audiences are left with at the end of this clever show. Based on research into the history of 19th century performers and the golden years of magic and spiritualism, married duo Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman, aka ‘Mr and Mrs Alexander’, have created a show combining circus skills and mind boggling tricks for a modern audience. “In researching the roots of these forgotten carnival acts, we unearthed a forgotten sub-culture of gusty ladies, social misfits, freaks, hucksters and mediums,” Lizzie says. “As part of the show, audiences will see Victorian magic and sideshow stunts, mentalism, psychic illusion and Uri Geller-esque metal bending. And yes, we really do all these things.” While not based on ‘real’ historical figures, Mr and Mrs Alexander is based on anecdotes and incidents from the lives of real carnival performers of the Victorian era. It’s set in 1888 with the action taking place across three New Zealand cities. We’re committed to telling New Zealand stories,” Lizzie Tollemache says. An absolute and pure delight. It’s engaging, edge-of-your-seat, breath-taking fun….This is the exact show you want to see. It will be one you remember and talk about years down the road.`` ????? –On Stage Ottawa Tollemache and Ladderman have concocted a magical show, and it’s not to be missed.`` ?????CBC “A hugely enjoyable treat” ????? -Fringe review Canada

1hr 40mins long