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Mozzarella Stories

Italian and Chinese producers of mozzarella cheese spar for each other`s share of the market in this quirky new comedy starring Luca Zingaretti and featuring a laugh-out-loud performance from Aida Turturro (of `The Sopranos` fame). If only the Chinese hadn`t started producing mozzarella in Campania, the home of Italian mozzarella, then Don Ciccio - the King of Mozzarella, Mr. Buffalo Cheese himself - would have continued producing and selling, selling and producing and, of course, paying kickbacks to the local Camorra.

1hr 40mins long
M Contains violence,offensive language,drug use and sex scenes

Massimiliano Gallo
Luisa Ranieri
Luca Zingaretti
Edoardo De Angelis
Andrea Renzi
Aida Turturro