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Moon Month Double - Astronaut & Dawn of Space Age Poster

Moon Month Double - Astronaut & Dawn of Space Age

Get a taste of what it`s like to be an astronaut and take a behind-the-scenes look at the desperate race for space in this double feature event Astronaut is an immersive planetarium show which takes you from Earth into space... and beyond! Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut. Explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space, from floating around the International Space Station to maneuvering through microscopic regions of the human body. Discover the perils that lurk in space as the film’s test astronaut, Chad, is subjected to everything that space has to throw at him. In Dawn of the Space Age take a trip through our solar system, stopping off to explore the atmosphere of different planets – from the poisonous gases and unbearable 900?F heat of Venus to the dark, distant cool of Pluto, which has since lost its planet status. Stopping at each of the planets in our solar system, the presentation also provides a close-up on Mars, which is scientists’ pick for the next inhabitable planet. The Red Planet is half the size of Earth, devoid of breathable air and currently in the midst of an ice age, so it might not be time to move in just yet! This presentation is the perfect reminder of how much more is out there. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for shows. Late entry into the planetarium is not possible once the show has started.

1hr long

Ewan McGregor