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Mongol is first major film about the life of Genghis Kahn and is the first installment of the Mongol trilogy. Genghis Kahn is one of the most famous leaders in world history. He was the creator of a vast Mongolian Empire that conquered half the globe. He was known as a merciless and fearless warrior but also a loyal and deeply spiritual man. Mongol - Part One tells the story of how the young Temudzhin fought back from slavery to become Genghis Kahn - leader of the Mongols. Temudzhin, the son of a Mongolian tribal leader, falls in love with the young Mongol girl Borte and remains faithful to her even as his father is murdered and he himself is sold into slavery. After years of imprisonment, Temudzhin escapes and goes to war to fight for his slain father and his love Borte who he had never forgotten. Through these epic battles he discovers his true calling; as Khan he must unite all the Mongol tribes and lead his subjects to a secure future. Shot on location in Mongolia and from the producers of Run Lola Run, Mongol is an epic movie about a man who has cast his shadow over history for over 1000 years.

2hrs long
R16 Contains violence.

You Er
Ying Bai
Tegen Ao
Tadanobu Asano
Sergei Bodrov
Sai Xing Ga
Khulan Chuluun
Deng Ba Te Er
Bayertsetseg Erdenebat
Bao Di
Ba Yin Qi Qi Ge