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Money as Debt Poster

Money as Debt

Ever wonder why the banks have so much money, while countries and individuals have so much debt? Once again Paul Grignon has taken a taboo subject and turned it into an entertaining easily understood topic. 'The truth will set you free', it is said, but first it will make you angry! Once you know the real story you can never go back to your mythical beliefs. Similar to the feeling you had, once you found out the truth about sex. The birds and bees story lost its appeal! The new video 'Money as Debt', uncovers the many myths and concepts regarding money's history. Everybody loves money, wants it, needs it and depends upon it. What everybody doesn't understand is the basics of money. What is money and where does it really come from? How does the wheel of fortune really work and why don't you have enough of it? These are a few of the many hard realities, Mr.Grignon exposes in simple language. A must see for every age and station in life. I encourage everyone from teachers to bank employees, accountants, students and everyone in between to invest in this film.


Paul Grignon
Bob Bossin