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Mixed Kebab

Dir: Guy Lee Thys, Belgium, 2012, 98mins, Flemish & Turkish with English subtitles By day Belgian-born Turk Bram is the dutiful son and brother, but by night he is a casual drug dealer partying around with the very cute, blond Kevin. At 27 he really should be getting married, and when rumours fly around the neighbourhood about Bram’s ‘inclinations’, his father insists he travel to Turkey and marry his cousin. He cannot resist taking Kevin with him though, and soon his Islamic fundamentalist brother learns of their relationship. A film about a young man caught not just between two worlds, but four: traditional and modern, gay and straight.

1hr 35mins long
R16 Contains violence,drug use,offensive language and sexual themes

Simon Van Buyten
Gamze Tazim
Cem Akkanat