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Mid-August Lunch Poster

Mid-August Lunch

A middle-aged man on his uppers, lives with and looks after his elderly mother, as unpaid bills pile up around him. As the traditional Italian holiday weekend of the 15 August approaches, the hapless hero is potentially offered, at least a partial, solution to his pecuniary problems. His landlord, one of his friends and even his doctor each persuade him to let them dump their elderly relatives on him, so that he can accommodate them and wait on them over the holiday period. Notwithstanding his reluctance to take on such nannying duties, the lure of relief from his financial straits is too much and so an assortment of ill-matched, elderly ladies descends on the tiny flat.

1hr 15mins long

Valeria De Franciscis
Simone Riccardini
Petre Rosu
Marina Cacciotti
Maria Cali
Marcello Ottolenghi
Luigi Marchetti
Grazia Cesarini Sforza
Gianni Di Gregorio
Alfonso Santagata