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Mf Wolves

Includes Skype Q&A with director Michael Hayter David Hayter has made a name for himself in recent years as the screenwriter of such hits as X-MEN, X-MEN 2 and WATCHMEN – WOLVES is his directorial debut and it’s a ripper! Cayden is a high school football star. On the surface he’s living the dream – hot girlfriend, hot bod, hot hormones. But there’s more to Cayden’s volatile teen temper than just rampant testosterone alone, and after some very unfortunate events, the source of his angst soon becomes apparent – he’s a werewolf, descended from a pack of vicious, purebred man eaters! For those who like their movies with both bite and wit, this is an action packed horror joy ride with one foot placed firmly in 80’s teen horror, and the other in contemporary comic book thrill fests. With more chest hair than Tony Abbott on Bondi Beach, and more torn plaid than a Bon Jovi concert, WOLVES is a perfect film to kick off a weekend of non-stop horror mayhem. Enjoy with a cold beer and a steak sanga – rare, of course!

1hr 27mins long