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Mf Wolf Cop

At the Cannes film market earlier this year, there was one film that had the genre tongues flapping - the brilliantly titled, WOLFCOP. At Monster Fest, we love a film whose title is also its synopsis, and this is the best example of such a beast in years! This story of a boozy bum of a cop who turns into a werewolf is a glorious 80’s inspired mash up that’ll have you grinning like a drunken wolf from start to finish. Ever seen a werewolf down a bottle of whiskey in one shot? How about a sex scene between a wolf and a hot babe? No? Well, whatchawaitin’ for? WOLFCOP has it all! If the title doesn’t sum it up, the tagline certainly does – “Dirty Harry, only hairier!” - see it at Monster Fest!

1hr 19mins long