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Mf Under A Kaleidoscope Poster

Mf Under A Kaleidoscope

Includes Q&A with director Addison Heath, cast and crew Addison Heath, the writer of last year’s Monster Fest smash hit CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA, is back - but this time he’s in the director’s chair with his feature debut. Kenji Shimada’s life revolves around making bad Sci-Fi movies, popping LSD and eating baked beans - all from the comfort of his apartment. One day, whilst peaking on some choice acid, he hears voices through his bedroom wall. This strange encounter opens up a whole new dimension - a world of underworld crimes, serial killers and a scared and damaged girl in need of a friend. An unlikely hero is needed, but does Kenji have it in him to step up to the plate? Trippy visuals, thumping soundtrack, and confronting, slap-in-the-face violence makes UNDER A KALEIDOSCOPE an unforgettable psychedelic rollercoaster ride!

1hr 15mins long