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Mf Turkey Shoot

Includes Q&A with director Jon Hewitt and key cast. In this update on the 1983 Brian Trenchard-Smith multiple head-exploder, director Jon Hewitt drops the campy tone of the original and gets all socio-political on our asses! Yep! It’s the near future and one TV show rules the planet: TURKEY SHOOT - a reality program in which humans are hunted like beasts, and real life on-screen carnage is a weekly reality. As World War Three breaks out, connections between government operations and the show start to become apparent. Just what is TURKEY SHOOT’s latest and greatest contestant Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell) up to? And why is the military involved? Hewitt and co-writer/star Belinda McClory have reinvented an Ozploitation classic for a new generation of Aussie kids hungry for twisted on-screen mayhem. Bravo to them we say! Let the good times roll!

1hr 30mins long