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Mf Throwback

Includes Q&A with director Travis Bain and key cast The Aussie horror revival continues full throttle with this addition to the local canon: Travis Bain’s THROWBACK. Leap into the heart of far-north Queensland as two pest exterminators attempt to seek out the loot of an infamous and legendary outlaw. A couple of blokes on a quest for treasure in the outback… what could possibly go wrong? Um, ever heard of a Yowie? Whilst battling it out against the perils of the jungle and rival crooks hungry for gold is harrowing enough, it ain’t nothing compared to the battle they face against this ferocious creature of yore baying for human flesh! THROWBACK is a good old fashioned creature flick from go to whoa – it’s got it all… action, adventure, blood, teeth, claws and hair – who could possibly ask for more?

1hr 30mins long