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Mf The Mirror

In 2013, a story went viral on the web that told of a couple of students who were selling an apparent “possessed” mirror on eBay. The owners of the mirror complained that their lives had been turned upside down since taking ownership of the antique. Inspired by this “true” account, writer/director Edward Boase has crafted a chilling spook fest that gets under your skin and stays there. Here, a household of young roomies accepts a $100K challenge to house a “haunted mirror”, and see if they can capture some of its paranormal shenanigans on camera. Of course no one really believes that there’ll be in any trouble, but all skepticism comes unstuck when it becomes horrifically obvious that the mirror is everything that legend claims it to be – and more! THE MIRROR is a thoroughly enjoyable and shock ride that’ll have you on the edge of your seat - or clinging for dear life to the person next to you. The perfect film for a first date!

1hr 28mins long